Whats In my Clinical Bag?

A couple of months ago, I wrote something on clinical bags and what mine contained in detail. Having gained a lot of practice now in the nursing domain through the various clinical rotations that I have attended, I acquired a new bag which is a little bit bigger than the earlier and hence can accommodate more Items of need. A clinical bag is a kind which nursing students use in their clinical rotations.

My Littmann


A stethoscope is a health check instrument for listening to the action of somebody's heart or inhalation, classically having a small disk-shaped resonator that is positioned touching the chest and two tubes attached to earpieces. Nurses use this instrument in most of their activities in the hospice hence having a comprehension of the best type that harmonizes you will be a plus in your ambiance all through the day. 

Coping with stressful situations in school

Nursing school, being a wing of the medical stem, is a course that is no strange to a huge number of student dropout mainly due to stress. This trauma is chiefly caused by the nursing courses and the clinical rotations that must be attended by these students. Understanding how to deal with nerve-wracking situations will greatly help you achieve your goals in this field. I concur with Joseph Potts, a past-president of the National Student Nurses’ Association (NSNA), who once said that the main challenges that nursing students share with those in the profession is the need to take care of themselves. By taking good care of yourself, you are likely to handle stressful situations at any time. I am going to guide you through some essential steps on how to handle this.