Hello, 2020. What a year you’ve been! I hope you have no more challenges to throw at the world this year.
In January, you took me away from my home, to the remarkable Mexico. It was great as I was able to explore new places like the beautiful curry of Tulum, playa Del Carmen, and Ching za. Yes, I experienced the world's 3rd wonder and it is an experience I will never forget.

In February, I went back to work. It was the same routine – care for my patients, return home, and spend time with my family. 
March rolled in and I joined other nurses on the frontlines to battle the invincible yet deadly enemy; the coronavirus. I am a nurse, Nurse Jackye, and it is my duty to serve people in need. Of course, I followed the safety guidelines and kept myself protected. I also prayed to the one above, not just for myself but also for the world and for the year to get better.

Sundays - I hold my crown up and think about the tropics in my Monstera  Payamas. 

Hello, thank you and Goodbye 2019!
So 2019 was a whirlwind of activities for me! I began the year as a travel nurse and now I'm ending it as a PRN nurse. I actually took on the role of a PRN nurse to accommodate my crazy school schedule and so far, it has been working for me. Now you might be wondering: what school schedule am I talking about? 
This year, I took on DNP – PMHNP at school. So far the journey has been productive. Not that it has been easy, no! It’s been quite the journey but it is also one I am well prepared for. I started off with 12 credits in fall and by spring, I was pushing higher to 16 credits! 

So far, I’ve come across several people who keep asking how I make it work. Here and there I get the “how do you do it” question. My answer always is “I just do” because truly, I simply just find ways to make things work. I never forget that I signed up for this schedule, and unless the initials before my name say D.R, I will continue making it work!

Also, making a decision to change from working 48 hours a week to 32 hours a week, made my schedules more accommodating. Of course with the nurse schedules, I work two 16 hours shifts weekly. This gives me 5 days to concentrate on school work, and some time to meet up with my family. 

I am now a nurse. Nurse Jackye. Or if you prefer, “that Psych nurse.” 11 months in to nursing and I now know what it feels like to be in a nurse’s shoes. 

I understand what it feels like to work eight, twelve or even sixteen-hour shifts and still be human.
The long hours softly kill your social life. You have little time for your family. You can barely spare time for your friends, especially in your first year of nursing. When you remember that student debt companies are on your back, you even push yourself harder. You want to pay back Nelnet their money as soon as you can.