While In Bermuda

I took a trip down to Bermuda – yet another time. To celebrate the rewards of my hard work and wind down before the next phase begins.

Warwick Long Bay Beach 


The hard work. Countless hours of study. Endless exams. The 7-hour board review on the last 3 days. We finally made it. I am now a graduate. I am so happy.

The Final Lap

I am 30 days away from the big day. Graduation day. I am looking forward to it. Though fear and anxiety keep creeping into me each passing day. “I guess it is normal to have such a feeling,” I keep trying to convince myself.
From afar, it looks like I have been breezing through most of the semester. I can however see the wear and tear when I look at myself. Evidence of a tight and bruising schedule. Two days for clinical, two for theory and another two days at work make up my week. There hasn’t been any room for slacking off. In-depth topics such as Sepsis, EKGs and Shock have kept me on the edge with lots of reading and research.