If you have never been introduced to something new by your friends, then you need new friends. It doesn’t have to be a trip to the top of Mount Everest. It doesn’t have to be something big. Sometimes the new thing is just but a small gesture, but it ends up making your day. Like getting introduced to a pack of Papermate Inkjoy pens by a classmate.

It’s the first month of this semester, the timetables are out and my clinical rotation schedule is so overwhelming. The best I can do is try to calm myself down, my heart is hardly beating. I am halfway through nursing school, but it feels like I just got started. Things are getting tougher as we go by but it is only two more semesters after this until graduation. Exciting. Backbreaking, but exciting nonetheless. Getting a C after spending countless hours of studying doesn’t make it any better.

A couple of months ago, I wrote something on clinical bags and what mine contained in detail. Having gained a lot of practice now in the nursing domain through the various clinical rotations that I have attended, I acquired a new bag which is a little bit bigger than the earlier and hence can accommodate more Items of need. A clinical bag is a kind which nursing students use in their clinical rotations.


A stethoscope is a health check instrument for listening to the action of somebody's heart or inhalation, classically having a small disk-shaped resonator that is positioned touching the chest and two tubes attached to earpieces. Nurses use this instrument in most of their activities in the hospice hence having a comprehension of the best type that harmonizes you will be a plus in your ambiance all through the day. 

Tea time, lets sip some tea.

Sip some tea, some of my favorite teas to combat stressful days or just to relax after a long day of school or to begin my day….
Tea, whether hibiscus tea, green tea, white tea or chamomile all have various health benefits. A study published on WebMD show the health benefits of tea to include:
  • It helps with diabetes, cancer as well as heart disease.
  • Green tea encourages weight loss.
  • Tea has been known to lower cholesterol.
  • It makes an individual more alert.
  • Tea has antimicrobial qualities.
My favorite teas are the Buchu Superfruit, Vanilla Orchid, Moment of Zen and, Sweet dreams (These are just a few from my vast favorites). All these teas have special characteristic that have been discussed below.

I am having a ‘broken relationship’ with the social media sites due to some of their upshots. Barely five years ago, were the number of social sites undoubtedly known. Right now and as time goes by, their quantity endures to increase and consequently a lot of care needs to be taken. Using these sites is convoyed by massive spend of productive time and humongous internet billing. Though both genders tend to overuse these platforms, the ladies are the most affected by far.

You have settled on to get into a career  whose market will be governed by the level of your intellect in the field, therefore a lot of time needs to be dyed-in-the-wool to study and research works. Some time back, a nursing student was expelled from a university in Kansas for posting a placenta photo on his Facebook wall. Others were fired in Oceanside, California after they discussed patient’s matters on the same site. This are some shocking examples that portray how social media can harm your career.

Pamela Resler of The university of Massachusetts, college of nursing and health science said, ‘’you’ve got to learn how to use it correctly just like any other tool” I cannot overlook some of the plusses of these sites in the nursing profession. Most of the advantages always materialize after completion of the course, then since you are still learning, believe you me that the cons would always take over at this stage.
Know your priorities for now, your career is worth it.

The adverse reasons why you should avoid these sites is that; you cannot ascertain the validity of the information that goes viral on these sites, mainly Facebook, one can easily feed on a lot of crap. Also, your confidential life can be breached to the public. If you happen to be that character who keeps posting the latest photos of your little niece who had their first day in school, be aware that not all the world at large wishes you well and thugs can easily target you. As pointed out earlier, individual career can be ruined and the public trust in nursing is compromised. Use social media for educational and professional purposes again make a great privacy settings on the sites. I personally set aside 10 minute only for facebooking every week. I accomplished this by scrapping their apps from my phone. I no longer get disturbing continuous notifications and I only access them when I get to my computer.

I can’t blot my Family and friends as I prioritize them even on this site. I only can add myself to some important groups in Facebook and whatsapp. At a snail's pace reduce and then finally wipe out your contact with social media and start dedicating the saved time in serious studies, research and practical work.

I prefer a well decorated planner..
Lots of students, virtually all courses, tend to miss out on crucial occurrences that pertain to their every day’s deeds. For someone to cover this up, you need a reliable planner that will often remind you of forthcoming activities in all sectors, (social, academic and working)

          A planner is principally a small book, normally A5 size, where one can put down all the future activities. It is an advantageous time management instrument that can help keep your worthy activities in a good order. As I supposed, a nursing student needs one hence I am going to take you through the advantages of having it in easing your work.  

Mixing the clays

 Unknown to many is that we can essentially use naturally available minerals to enhance our facial and skin appearances.

I personally use a blend of three clays in Apple Cider Vinegar commonly known as ACV and some little activated charcoal. Yes, this will sound weird and wonderful to many especially those that never thought that clay can be used as a face mask. These resources are economical and readily available. The clays I use are; Bentonite, Red, and green clays.

Bentonite clay is comprised of ash extracted from volcanoes. Its largest source is located in Fort Benton hence the name bentonite. US, France and Italy are the chief source countries. Our faces come in contact with a range of injurious toxins from a variety of products e.g. Paints and unpurified water. This clay when applied to the skin helps in;

  • Detoxification, expelling the toxins and bacteria from the skin's surface.
  •   Renders the skin with numerous minerals.
  • Heals the deadly Eczema skin disease.

Red clay also known as Rhassoul is unearthed from Atlas mountain regions of Morocco. This type of clay contains a high level concentration of Silica, Magnesium, Calcium and Potassium. It helps the skin by;

  •  Beautify the complexion, removes dead skin and treat acne.
  •   Cure a myriad of skin issues.
  • · Renders the skin soothing characteristics.

Green clay is a very fine powder that is sourced from Montana. It also has an exceptional chemical composition and useful in reclamation. This clay will pointedly upgrade the blood circulation in the face and optimize the functions of the oil glands in the skin.

Activated charcoal is a carbon that has been treated to increase its absorbency. When doctored on the skin, the dirt and other small particles on the skin comes into contact with the charcoal, sticks and eventually gets washed away during rinsing of the face.
Now think of mashing up all these important minerals with ACV and applying it on the skin? Let’s follow this procedure that I routinely take when doing mine.

Take ¼ teaspoons of each clay and put them in a clean bowl. Mix utterly and obtain a homogenous color.

In the bowl, add 5ml of ACV and mix it well to obtain a superbly smooth paste.

Add to the paste ½ teaspoon or empty one charcoal capsule of activated charcoal and mix it again. The color of the charcoal will dominate the entire paste.

Apply this paste on a clean face, freshly washed. Do not scrub your face before applying the mask

After applying it on the face and neck, let it sit for 25-30 minutes.

  Finally, rinse it off, wipe smoothly and check out your rejuvenated face in a mirror.
I engage in some quick reading while waiting for the mask to dry...

No more mind-numbing face, perfect your looks using this amazing natural paste and get yourself cheery all day. 
Commit to memory that ‘you are never fully dressed without a genuine smile’.

Basics you should have.
Scores of students would single out going to theatres and everyday classes with all their necessities put collectively in a single bag. A clinical bag is a kind which nursing students use in their clinical rotations.