Importance of having a planner in Nursing school.

January 11, 2016

I prefer a well decorated planner..
Lots of students, virtually all courses, tend to miss out on crucial occurrences that pertain to their every day’s deeds. For someone to cover this up, you need a reliable planner that will often remind you of forthcoming activities in all sectors, (social, academic and working)

          A planner is principally a small book, normally A5 size, where one can put down all the future activities. It is an advantageous time management instrument that can help keep your worthy activities in a good order. As I supposed, a nursing student needs one hence I am going to take you through the advantages of having it in easing your work.  

The inside pages are well partitioned
Some schools bestow you with a planner but some don’t. Make an effort of obtaining one if your school hasn’t embraced the policy of granting its students. The following are some of the pros of having a planner;

Planner helps you get focused and prepared. When waking up in the morning, just check what the days page hold and you will be looking forward to count on all the written activities. This will also help you develop self-discipline since you would not want to neglect any class or event highlighted.

The student planner normally comes fitted with little pockets where you can put your pen, assignment sheets and other fitting tools. Say goodbye to losing pens after each single day.

Acts as a reminder to lots of activities like exam dates, family dates, group meetings, days off and some quick quizzes. Also life events e.g. birthdays and anniversaries. Envision disremembering your birthday simply because your phone broke up and had a tight schedule?

Improves time management. Most students who are fond of sleeping during their free time are most likely not the type who have a planner. During free time, one can allocate good stuffs like exercising or visiting the less fortune members in the society.

The ones given by the school are packed with a set of the school’s policies and strategies also having the current year’s calendar. You can now be able to view the imperative holidays that will come your way and significant contact numbers that you may wish to call.

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  1. Just one? I have 3!! My family makes fun of me but I use one for my own personal things like appointments and period cycles, then one for nursing school which is FILLED to the max each time I turn a page. Then I have my final one which is used for friends and family things, so I don't forget birthdays, parties, or other social gatherings. I love having an actual REAL planner. My phone planner don't do it for me!