I can say this has been the busiest semester of them all. It started off hard but I kept going. My schedule was packed and I had a load of work to do- from work, assignments to doing summaries of theories, you name it.

Because of the tight schedule, I didn't get to practice any questions. I still managed to pass my finals with great grades in spite of it all, and I pat myself in the back for that. I relied on Uworld questions for my practice in the past semesters, but not this one - even though I think they are the best plus it gives great rationales for each question. They however didn't come in handy this semester (I had a lot on my plate to do from school) and I therefore had to double my efforts and study harder. I spent 3-4 hours a day with the books. Planning my studies was crucial in helping me be organized and able to settle well into my books.