Hello! I am Jackyline from Massachusetts. I was however raised in the easterly region of Africa. I do miss my sister and the memories we used to make together.
I am on a path to a calling. I practiced in the dental field for 11 years before I decided that nursing was my calling and started pursuing it. I chose to be a nurse out of the compassion and fine believer in holistic approaches. I could often play a part in life-saving activities during my high school years and by that, my friends predicted for me a potential career in health care. By this, I worked really smart to qualify for the same and my parents have been supportive too. Conversely, as many think, there is nothing effortless and austere in becoming a nurse; I have been mentored by experienced professionals in this field and was able to armor myself well before I started nursing school! I am on a journey, and am so eager to fulfill my destiny. The journey so far has been challenging and rewarding.
I believe in service to humanity, and I would love to volunteer anywhere in the world where access to healthcare is limited. I want to explore, indulge and experience other cultures as I enable those who wouldn’t be able to afford first class healthcare to also experience quality medical coverage. I want to hold hands with the sick and reassure them that everything will turn out fine.
I seek to share insights & inspirations that may simplify the nursing journey- both through nursing school and after school, in both the professional & personal realm. 

Happy reading!