My Nurse Journey Through the Year

Hello, thank you and Goodbye 2019!

So 2019 was a whirlwind of activities for me! I began the year as a travel nurse and now I'm ending it as a PRN nurse. I actually took on the role of a PRN nurse to accommodate my crazy school schedule and so far, it has been working for me. Now you might be wondering: what school schedule am I talking about? 
This year, I took on DNP – PMHNP at school. So far the journey has been productive. Not that it has been easy, no! It’s been quite the journey but it is also one I am well prepared for. I started off with 12 credits in fall and by spring, I was pushing higher to 16 credits! 

So far, I’ve come across several people who keep asking how I make it work. Here and there I get the “how do you do it” question. My answer always is “I just do” because truly, I simply just find ways to make things work. I never forget that I signed up for this schedule, and unless the initials before my name say D.R, I will continue making it work!

Also, making a decision to change from working 48 hours a week to 32 hours a week, made my schedules more accommodating. Of course with the nurse schedules, I work two 16 hours shifts weekly. This gives me 5 days to concentrate on school work, and some time to meet up with my family. 

My travel nurse experience
The months I spent working as a travel nurse came with great exposure for me. I was exposed to new experiences, opportunities, and places. While this might seem tough, it was quite favorable for me because it is what my life is all about. I love traveling, seeing new placing and I do not relish settling in one place for too long. Now I have only a few years until I proceed to settling in Bermuda for a decade. So who knows what after that?
The toughest thing for me in 2019
Sundays - I hold my crown up and think about the tropics in my Monstera  Payamas. 

So far, the toughest thing for me this year has been finding "ME - time." With all the time shared between work, school and family, I’ve been spread thin leaving me with very little time for myself. So I have added this to my 2020 New Year’s resolution list. Next year I will make out time for myself, at least weekly and ensure I see to my personal needs! I also have a lot of other changes to make in 2020 to switch things up a bit, one of these traveling more. 
Above all, 2019 has been a blessing. I met new people, had new experiences and learned to push myself to achieve my goals. I also learned so much which I’m sure will aid me in making 2020 another great year!

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