Another Semester Done.

April 24, 2017

I can say this has been the busiest semester of them all. It started off hard but I kept going. My schedule was packed and I had a load of work to do- from work, assignments to doing summaries of theories, you name it.

Because of the tight schedule, I didn't get to practice any questions. I still managed to pass my finals with great grades in spite of it all, and I pat myself in the back for that. I relied on Uworld questions for my practice in the past semesters, but not this one - even though I think they are the best plus it gives great rationales for each question. They however didn't come in handy this semester (I had a lot on my plate to do from school) and I therefore had to double my efforts and study harder. I spent 3-4 hours a day with the books. Planning my studies was crucial in helping me be organized and able to settle well into my books.

The pressure from school, especially in the first half of the semester when I had clinicals, was at some point straining and it took a physical toll on me but that didn't deter me. I worked through it all. Taking time to pray also gave me the peace of mind I needed to handle the pressures that came my way.

After the two-week break ends, another semester starts. So, I am spending my break revising the ATI material in preparation for my final boards. I have to do 50 questions and study the systems each day. There is no stopping.

I am 4 months away from graduation. I am very excited. I look forward to putting on that gown and getting rewarded for all my hard work, and thereafter getting out into the world and be able to impact positively on people’s lives. It inspires me to put in extra effort.

Determination got me here, and it will get me to the end. The key is to stay focused and strong and you will achieve this one dream.

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