The Final Lap

July 17, 2017

I am 30 days away from the big day. Graduation day. I am looking forward to it. Though fear and anxiety keep creeping into me each passing day. “I guess it is normal to have such a feeling,” I keep trying to convince myself.
From afar, it looks like I have been breezing through most of the semester. I can however see the wear and tear when I look at myself. Evidence of a tight and bruising schedule. Two days for clinical, two for theory and another two days at work make up my week. There hasn’t been any room for slacking off. In-depth topics such as Sepsis, EKGs and Shock have kept me on the edge with lots of reading and research.

I am grateful for every bit of this semester’s journey. For the ups and downs. I always close my eyes, look how far I have come and embrace that warm feeling of gratitude. Everything I have learned and gained through this journey. I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world

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