August 26, 2017

The hard work. Countless hours of study. Endless exams. The 7-hour board review on the last 3 days. We finally made it. I am now a graduate. I am so happy.

Nothing in the world can be traded for the experience. I appreciate the friends I made over the years. The hugs we shared both in laughter and sorrow. There is nothing in the world that can take that away. You will be forever treasured.
To the instructors who were an inspiration during the journey, I have two words for you. Thank you. Mrs Hyde, Mrs Bernard and Mrs Parker among others, you always made me strive for better. The Leadership award is for you. I hope to never let you down.
To members of staff who went out of their way to reassure me every time that everything will be okay, be blessed. Preti, the Tech Personnel. Always smiling. Ever beautiful. Thanks for always asking how I was doing. Linda the receptionist, you were always there to tell me I can do it. It meant a lot. Mathew, the Maintenance Personnel, you were right about picking C if I am not sure of the answer. And thanks for the hugs and reassurance that I will make it through. I made it through.
This is for all of you.

The next stop is the board exams. I am motivated for it.