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July 8, 2016


A stethoscope is a health check instrument for listening to the action of somebody's heart or inhalation, classically having a small disk-shaped resonator that is positioned touching the chest and two tubes attached to earpieces. Nurses use this instrument in most of their activities in the hospice hence having a comprehension of the best type that harmonizes you will be a plus in your ambiance all through the day. 

  • Design - I fell in love with the glossy and sleek design that comes with Litmann 3 as equalled to its big brother Litmann master Cardiology. The Litmann 3 innovative design bestows a turn able diaphragm on apiece sides of the chest piece. The turn able diaphragm technology lets nurses hear diverse frequency sounds by straightforwardly fine-tuning the compression on the chest piece.

  • Cost - the Litmann master cardiology is costly in comparison to Litmann 3 stethoscope, although it comes with a price tag and this may not be suitable for new nurses, it is worth every coinage for those that oblige its impressive auditory aptitudes.  It has a solid chestpiece, a non-chill rim, and a modifiable binaural spiral.

  • Warranty - A warranty is in essence a written pledge, issued to the buyer of a device by its creator, guaranteeing to patch up or replace it if required within a postulated period of time. The Litmann master cardiology comes with a seven years warranty whereas the Litmann 3 boasts of five years of the same. In this day and age warranty is not much taken into account by the consumer market as Simple upkeep, care and cleansing is all that is necessitated to make the stethoscope stay for long.

  • Weight - Getting something that is close to weightless is not only groovy but also suitable to pace around with. The Litmann master Cardiology has 6.6 ounces while the Litmann 3 is packed with a net of 13.6 ounces. A lot of my classmates murmur and nit-pick about the weight of Litmann 3.  In spite of this, if you need it, the weightiness is untroublesome. Plus keep that stethoscope away from your neck... surely heard that coupe of times in school.

As logged earlier, we have miscellaneous and various varieties and brands of stethoscopes, in this piece I will deal with the dissimilarities between the Littmann master cardiology and the Littmann Cardiology 3 both from the Littman brand.

 You are most appreciated to comment on the involvement and experience you have had with the model and make of the stethoscope you use…

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