Half a Mile In

I am now a nurse. Nurse Jackye. Or if you prefer, “that Psych nurse.” 11 months in to nursing and I now know what it feels like to be in a nurse’s shoes. 


The journey to the board exam started as soon as I got back from my holiday trip. I dedicated myself to doing 150 questions a day- 75 in the morning and another 75 in the afternoons- then spare two hours to study the rationales for each question I had tackled. It didn’t matter whether I had got the question right or wrong. It wasn’t easy though, with lots of distractions and hard finding a conducive place outdoors for the study sessions. At times, it was overwhelming.

While In Bermuda

I took a trip down to Bermuda – yet another time. To celebrate the rewards of my hard work and wind down before the next phase begins.

Warwick Long Bay Beach