October 16, 2017

The journey to the board exam started as soon as I got back from my holiday trip. I dedicated myself to doing 150 questions a day- 75 in the morning and another 75 in the afternoons- then spare two hours to study the rationales for each question I had tackled. It didn’t matter whether I had got the question right or wrong. It wasn’t easy though, with lots of distractions and hard finding a conducive place outdoors for the study sessions. At times, it was overwhelming.

Registration for the ATT number, a requirement for one to sit board exams, was a longer process than I expected. After a long wait, I had to start all over again because I made mistakes in the initial application. Draining! Here’s my advice to you: start registration for the ATT number early, say a month before you graduate from school.

My registration finally went through three days to the exams. With my participation confirmed, anxiety set in. Other friends admitted that they were feeling nervous too and that it was normal. The nights became sleepless. I didn’t touch my books a day to the exam. Instead, I went out with friends to try and calm our nerves. It didn’t achieve much. The following day, I arrived at the exam centre an hour early. I answered 93 questions in about 45 minutes. Even though I had prepared extensively, the questions seemed like I have never come across them before. I didn’t know what to expect, but I wasn’t much hopeful. That I had to wait three days for the results only worsened the nerves.
The PVT trick on the testing centre website showed that I had passed, but I wasn’t buying into it. “It isn’t always 100% accurate. Just wait for the official results.” I told myself. The three days went by. The results came out. And I had passed! It however took a couple of days before I could sleep well again.
I am starting a new job in a week and I am very happy for everything.
Best of luck everyone 

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